Eczema Calm Down Cream + info.



Calm Down Cream. Superb on dry itchy Eczema-like skin.

The same recipe has been used for the last 30+ years with great relief for  people with Eczema like conditions ( DRY Eczema, NOT on to WET Eczema).

Got questions about Eczema? Read ALL the informatin below and if you still have questions, please call 07434 593497 or email Love Anousta on

The presentation of this paraben-free Eczema cream product is currently 1 x 50gm pot, plus one free little jar (to keep in your car/handbag/beside the bed).

Linda Anousta first started making this cream in  in 1991….. 30 years ago!

 This cream takes 3 days to make and no one would bother making such a cream if it did not produce excellent results.

The  mix is made with juice of soaked Chamomile and Marigold flowers (hence the rich dark  cream/fawn colour) Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Thistle Oil and Vitamin E.

CALM DOWN does NOT contain any essential oils.

Keep the small pot of calm Down Cream in your pocket or handbag for daily use and keep the larger one at home for evening use.

LOVEANOUSTA “Calm Down” Cream can be applied on top of dry Eczema. If the Eczema is wet or infected then apply Silver Shield Gel or Silver Shield liquid to kill infection first. This is critical !!!!

ANY cream that is applied ON TOP of wet Eczema can lead to the multiplication of bacteria as a cream provides a warm wet protected environment that allows bacteria to grow and encourages infection.

If your doctor has diagnosed you or a member of your family with Eczema then you may well have left the doctors practice armed with Petroleum/Mineral oil based creams and lotions to apply to the affected area.

It is possible you are not feeling in the best of moods and, if you have been battling with Eczema for sometime, you may feel fed up and disheartened.

Here at LOVEANOUSTA we really believe that the “Calm Down” Cream and the natural Silver Shield anti-biotic gel will greatly improve the current situation of your skin. We always welcome feedback.

Please do call or email on  Tel: 07434593497  or email:

There are many ways to view and treat Eczema and it is an important learning curve about your health. It is a time when you will really see what foods affect your health.

At  we do not believe the way forward is to suppress Eczema with long term use of Steroids and constant courses with antibiotics. Both of these things are important and do have a role to play occasionally. Please read all this information to understand more about the Calm Down Cream and how to use it. Thank you.
If you click on this link below, you will see much more on how to deal with Eczema.

Give yourself some time and sit down with a drink (water!!) and look at some of the pictures and read the articles.

It is 40 years of information in one place!


 Last on offer Januray 2023 and April 2024

Click here to read more detail on Eczema and the positive affects of the Loveanousta Eczema cream >>

This video was made in 2014 and  packaging and  telephone numbers and website address are no longer correct. Please listen to  for information only.


Calm Down Cream Ingredients;

-Aqua (triple filtered water)
-Infusion of Marigold and Camomile flowers
-Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis ( Sweet Almond Oil)
-Sodium Stearoly Lactylate (emulsifier)
-Vegetable Glycerine
-Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower/Thistle oil)
-Olea Europa (cold pressed Olive oil)
-Glyceryl Stearate (emulsifier)
Cetearoyl Alcohol (thickener)
-Theobroma Cocao (Cocoa Butter)
-Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
-Phenoxyethanol (preservative)
-Ethylhexyglycerin (preservative)
-lactic Acid (ph balancer)

Occasionally, a bit like baking  a cake and using a recipe you know so well… it doesnt always go EXACTLY the way you want!! Sometimes this recipe is a little less thick than we would like it to be. Nothing wrong with it. Works the same. Just a little less solid in the jar… thats all.

When that happens , the Vitamin E  sometimes tries to escape! So you may see a little dark  brown oil…. dont panic… it’s natural  Vitamin E. 

Stir it back in… and use. It costs a fortune so dont waste it! 🙂


Testimonial :

To Linda – on a personal note, I have received a message via my sister, to thank me for recommending your products for a friend of my sister (Gail), she wanted me to know how much she has been helped by your products for her Eczema condition. I don’t know Gail but have met her a few times and it was good to hear how pleased she is. with Anousta help. I remembered how , a few years ago, you helped my niece who had severe eczema which had become weepy at times. She used your products (plus making a few changes in diet) and her skin has remained in wonderful condition. – Rosemary  ( April 2023)