Eczema Information

Please note: When people have been using GP given or chemist bought petroleum ( Liquid Parafin) based products, we suggest you try the ANOUSTA UNSCENTED Body Lotion first as a general body and face moisturiser. Its light, quickly absorbed and seems perfect for those people moving away from commercial parafin based products that generally do not work long term.

The Calm Down cream is excellent for areas to target that are stubborn and do not respond to anything else. It works a treat on dry Eczema that needs a helping hand to go away!

The Unscented Body Lotion is usually applied to larger general areas and the Calm Down cream is usally used on smaller patches that dont respond to much else!



ANOUSTA PRODUCTS have been making this cream for over 20 years with very successful results!

The basic mix is made with Chamomile and Marigold flowers (hence the rich cream colour) and Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Thistle Oil, Cocoa butter and Vitamin E.

CALM DOWN does NOT contain any essential oils.

Keep the small pot in your pocket or handbag for daily use and keep the larger one at home for evening use.

PLEASE only apply a little of the CALM DOWN cream to a SMALL area to test first. Once it is established that the person using the item is absolutely fine, you may continue to apply to a wider area. Always use one side of your body as a “control”. For example, if Eczema exists on both wrists, apply a cream to one wrist only. This way you can see the response of the skin to what you have applied and if it is responding to the item comfortably.

It is really useful to you, and for us if you take a picture of the Eczema BEFORE you start applying any of the cream or use the soaps and then take a picture a little later. This serves as a record to remind everyone of how much progress is being made. I would like to post some pictures on the internet, with permission, of before and after shots of troubled skin. It may serve as some encouragement for future customers. Please call us with your updates.

At Anousta Products we recommend people move across to plant milks such as Oat milk, Rice milk, Almind milk but we recognise that some people still require more traditional ” animal” milk in their tea or on their cereals.

We suggest people use of Goats milk (as opposed to Cow’s milk) for those suffering with Eczema. It is MUCH better tolerated by the guts.

We like Goat’s milk products from St Helens Goats farm in Yorkshire. Available in most supermarkets and they do taste really delicious!

You can check their website and products out by looking on

Whether someone is suffering with Eczema/Irritable bowel problems or any number of skin problems, in the majority of cases, a switch to Goats milk can prove wonderfully successful. Try it!“Just to let you the Calm Down cream that you recommended really worked on my very dry sore hands – they healed amazingly quickly! – Lianna”“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your advice on products for my daughter. They have been a big success. The Calm Down cream has sorted out the scabby spots and as long as we keep using the body lotion her skin doesn’t dry out, she doesn’t scratch and therefore no sore spots. A million thank yous’ – Jo from Wiltshire”

Occasionally, a little redness takes place after the application of a cream and this usually settles right down quite quickly. This can be due in some cases to the minute cracks and cuts in the skin and dry areas, especially over knuckles, knees, ankles and other “flexible parts” of the body.

If the skin is red and becomes itchy after the application of the cream, and the skin and does not settle quickly, wash the cream off and pat dry. It just means you will need to go more slowly along the healing route and it often occurs when people have been on steroid treatment for a long time. People who have “suppressed” the Eczema with Steroid creams/ointments or tablets need to go slowly with letting their body heal in it’s own time.

Patience is required!

It will happen.



**ANOUSTA “Calm Down” Cream can be applied on top of dry Eczema. If the Eczema is wet or infected then apply Silver Shield Gel or Silver Shield liquid to kill infection first.

This is critical !!!!

There are many ways to view and treat Eczema and it is an important learning curve about your health. It is a time when you will really see what foods affect your health.

At ANOUSTA PRODUCTS we do not believe the way forward is to suppress Eczema with long term use of Steroids and constant courses with antibiotics. Both of these things are important and do have a role to play occasionally. Please read all this information to understand more about the Calm Down Cream and natural soap and how to use them. Thank you.“My husband and I both suffer from ME; in addition to the better-known symptoms, this also causes allergies and sensitivities to all kinds of things (mostly chemical), and skin problems from eczema to fungal infections. Jim, my husband, suffers more than I do in this respect, and for months was in misery, with itchy, sore skin all over, which refused to heal up. (Conventional medicine, being chemical-based, tends to cause more problems than it solves.) After a few weeks of using nothing but your products, he only has a couple of small red patches left on his legs, and even they are fading gradually. You have no idea how wonderful it is to see him free of the misery at last. I have also been using your products with joy, and have none of the dry, itchy patches I’ve come to associate with ME.Thank you, and keep up the good work. – Lesley – Isle of Islay”



Eczema is from the Greek language and means “to boil over”.

It is a common name given to skin conditions characterized by red patches, weeping blisters and often severe itching. Eczema is the common term for Atopic Dermatitis – a chronic allergic skin irritation.

A rash commonly appears on backs of knees, wrists, eyelids, scalp, elbows, backs of upper arms and can appear over the entire body in severe cases.

It is often linked to allergies such as milk, wheat, pollution, stress and poor diet. A deficiency in Essential fatty acids from nuts and oils, a possibility of low Stomach hydrochloric acid a possibility of low selenium, Vitamin A and Vitamin E levels are also factors that need to be taken in to account.


Atopic Eczema

Hereditary… often associated with asthma and hay fever. Occurs where the skin creases, inside the elbow, at the backs of knees, around the arches of feet and the wrists.

Discoid Eczema

So called, as it is disc shaped. It occurs in Adults only. It is also known as Nummular Eczema. The affected areas have a well-defined edge and are red. On top there are often small blisters, scales or crusts. This often reflects the fact that they are infected with bacteria.

Gravitational /Stasis Eczema

Caused by bad venous circulation in the lower legs around the ankles. Pooling of blood creates redness around the ankles, which is usually itchy and can become infected. It can produce an

intensely itchy rash occurring on the lower legs. It is most common in people over the age of 50 and occurs in both men and women. Investigations in to heart and venous efficiency should be conducted. Support stocking can sometimes be tolerated by the patient and looking in to diet, water consumption and Vitamin C and Vitamin E levels are all very important checks that should be made.

Seborrhoea Eczema

Occurs on areas where there are sebaceous glands, especially the scalp. Eyebrows nose and lips. Of

This form of Eczema is believed to be caused by rapid overproduction of a form of PITYROSPORIUM yeasts (dandruff fungus) found in normal skin. Seborrhoeic Eczema characteristically affects adults between the ages of 20 and 40, who may not previously have shown any signs of eczema but babies who get Cradle Cap on their scalp are suffering Seborrheic Eczema.


Pompholyx Eczema

(Pomphos=bubbles) This occurs mainly in younger adults. Forms bubbles beneath thicker skin on e.g. palms of the hand, soles of the feet. Causes intense itchiness. . The first stage of this condition is the appearance of tiny blisters that are deep in the skin and tend to occur on the soles of feet and on the hands. Some people describe them as “tapioca-like” blisters. These blisters contain a clear water-like substance (oedema fluid) that usually subsides without bursting and expelling its contents.


The “Calm Down” is made with the juices of Chamomile and Marigold flowers soaked for 24hours and then strained. This gives the cream its rich warm brown colour.

Spanish cold pressed Organic Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Organic Thistle Oil, Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Glycerin as well as Vitamin E are al used.

It Takes me 3 days to make this cream!

“CALM DOWN” does NOT contain any essential oils as these can sometimes irritate the skin of someone with Eczema

You will appreciate it is impossible to know who may be allergic to what ingredients and thus caution is recommended.

PLEASE only apply a little of a cream to a SMALL area to test first whether the cream is suitable for you.

Patience is required! It will happen….



With Eczema then sometimes the lips can become dry and cracked. “Commercial” lipsalves are made with Petrolatum (Mineral Oil/ Liquidium Paraffinium/Petrol/ all come from Crude Oil) and dry the lips out. Anousta lipsalves are handmade with ingredients that feed the skin/lips, cocoa butter, beeswax, cold pressed almond oil and essential oils are used. The difference is immediately noticeable. These will help if eczema is present on or around the lips.

Zambroza and Blackseed Oil

Wonderful products to help support a struggling immune system. We cannot recommend these highly enough. Please ask for more details or look on the Love Anousta website for more information.


We have seen amazing progress with people using Homoeopathic remedies. It is of course wise to take advice and have a consultation with a well-recommended Practitioner rather than attempt to treat yourself or your family without any knowledge of Homoeopathy. There are many remedies that exist that will help different kinds of Eczema to improve greatly. It is a large subject, and this leaflet is designed to point out only the variety of ways in which you can seek complimentary help.

From a Homoeopathic point of view, the suppression of skin eruptions (especially with cortisone or other drugs) can lead to deeper health problems. Homeopathic and herbal remedies can be soothing during flare-ups. An experienced practitioner will choose something called a “constitutional remedy” which will fit the nature of a person on many levels and bring the body back in to balance. Some examples are:

Graphites: People who may respond to this remedy have tough or leathery skin with cracks and soreness, and often have a long-term history of skin disorders (impetigo, herpes, etc). The areas behind the ears, around the mouth or on the hands are often cracked, with a golden oozing discharge that hardens in to crusts. Itching is worse from getting warm in bed, and the person will often scratch the irritated areas until they bleed.

Antimonium Crudum: People likely to respond to this remedy have Eczema with thick, cracked skin and are also prone to indigestion. Children can be shy and irritable, insisting they not be touched or looked at. Itching is worse from warmth and sun exposure.

Other useful remedies are Calendula (in a potentized homoeopathic form) for skin that becomes easily infected, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum for slow to heal eczema on hands and feet that becomes infected easily. They tend to develop Eczema and cracking of the skin that’s worse in winter.

Tuberculosis (or T.B) was very common many years ago. In many cases, people died. Those that survived and went on to have families passed what is referred to as a genetic myism.

This helped the next generation to recognise T.B if they came into contact with it, and to help protect them from contracting the disease. A child could find itself “overloaded” with the T.B myism, especially if it inherited some miss from both parents, and according to some Homeopathic doctors, this can re-appear in the altered form of Asthma/Eczema syndrome.

An enquiry in to family history can reveal previously unknown facts about familial illness and when a history of Eczema/Asthma is present in other family members, one can be fairly sure there is too much of the T.B myism surging around the “patients” body and this is one way the person can show that something is wrong and help is required.

In my own daughter’s case, when our Homoeopathic doctor mentioned this and asked if T.B was present in our family I said “NO”. I found out later that T.B had been present on both sides of the family and my daughter’s father had Asthma.

It would seem my daughter had picked up a “double whammy” from both sides of the family, and under stress, this had erupted with a nasty Staphylococcus Aureus infection to boot! Following treatment of 3 tablets or nosodes as they are called, my daughter was a different child, and her skin settled dramatically. This is not a theory well received by the medical establishment, but well recognised in Homoeopathic circles, and it was proof enough for me. I always recommend a person to consult with a good and recommended Homoeopathic practitioner at all times.“Congratulations on your wonderful products. My skin/hair has improved dramatically since switching to the Anousta range of products. The persistent skin condition affecting my hands and feet has cleared without trace – truly amazing – it had plagued me for 11 years. Your products are a delight to use and very, very economical! – Jean Linden, Bruton, Somerset.”

Other Helpful Tips You May Be Able To Use

Sodium Bicarbonate Baths: Many people say that the adding of 7-8 tablespoons of Bicarbonate of Soda to a bath is very helpful and contributes to easing of some of the symptoms of eczema. This is a trial and error thing to see if it works for you.

Other things that need to be considered when Eczema occurs are treatments to help clean the system. These include Bowel cleansing, using food as medicine, massage oils, herbal drinks to help cleanse the liver, vitamin requirements, Homoeopathy treatments, Ancient herbal remedies, 7 day fasts, the use of Poultices, Alkaline/Acidity balance within the body and the use of Glyconutrients.

Emma’s Story

As a nurse, I (Linda Anousta) had come across Eczema in the hospitals and had been involved with the frequent application of Steroid creams, wet bandaging and the use of antibiotics in many cases. There did seem little else. When my daughter was born, she had peachy skin and was in good health for many years.

At 8 years old, 3 weeks post chicken pox she had an out break of Eczema, which alarmed me greatly, but with a mixture of essential oils and what felt like a bit of luck, it all went away. When she was 14, she went off to school as normal one day and later on that dark February evening returned home just before I got in from work. On entering the house, I heard whimpering. I thought we had acquired a scared dog! The house was dark but on the settee laid my child, in a state of shock and very distressed.

She had Staphylococcus Aureus infected Eczema. I rushed her to our G.P. He admitted her to our local hospital immediately. It had appeared so quickly and was such a bad cases of Staphylococcal Aureus infected Eczema that medical photography were called to take pictures for their records. It was frightening for me as her mother. It was terrifying for her. I realised what it was to be a parent with a child who had Eczema and the learning curve began.When my daughter was in hospital her face was weeping green pus and was swollen. She looked shocking. Her arms were splinted open so she could not bend as them as they could stick together with the weeping pus and then the skin would pull and tear as she opened them. She received Intravenous Antibiotics, and Steroids as I thought she would.

I took down the mirrors in her isolation room so she could not see how bad she looked for her 1 week in hospital. When discharged from hospital, she was sent home armed with a variety of creams and ointments for her dry, rough, scale covered skin, but as usual they were all petroleum based or steroid creams.

As an ex- nursing sister, an Aromatherapist, Beautician and someone with their own natural skincare company, I have a foot in both camps, orthodox and alternative or complimentary. Many “Alternative Ways” are only considered thus because over the last 100 years or so, we have only really known Pharmaceutical or allopathic medicine in the last 100 years or less. Before, all we ever had at our disposal was a world of plants, thousands of years of empirical knowledge and other people’s stories and experiences with herbs and flowers.

Not much to go on really!

For many years I had made a product that many people said was very effective. It was an old recipe using Chamomile and Marigold flowers.

It was being used by some on Eczema, (and on Psoriasis in some cases) with excellent results. I told other customers about this success if they, or their family had a problem with eczema. The word spread, and now over 20 years later thousands of people have used it most successfully.

It is difficult to argue with a 14 year old (and win!) so I let my daughter decide what was best for her. On the 3rd day home, she emerged from her room one morning with a perfectly clear, clean patch of skin on one side of her face. I was amazed and assumed it must be the steroid cream that was responsible. She informed me that it was the cream I made. She had applied it as it felt “rich and soft”. She had applied another well – known cream to one side of her face and my cream to the other side, thus conducting her own little experiment. So I began to see for myself the effect of this cream and how well it worked. As my daughter’s skin improved, I asked other people to try the cream and see what improvements they noticed by using this cream.

It was my daughter, Emma that named the cream CALM DOWN.

So many people have told me how well they have got on with it and how the itching has reduced, the skin has softened and the Eczema settled.

It is my sincere wish that the ANOUSTA “CALM DOWN” cream soothes, eases or removes the distress you or your family member may have been having with Eczema.

Eczema and Milk

Dairy products and Eczema have long been linked. It is ALWAYS worthwhile cutting out milk/dairy products from the diet if Eczema occurs.

Bovine TB, sometimes present in cows, is not always removed via pasteurisation and can be transmitted to humans.

This can sometimes appear, even generations later as Asthma or Eczema and can be made worse by drinking/eating dairy products. Removing this source of irritation can greatly reduce the signs and symptoms of Eczema/Asthma.

When you realise that the most abundant protein in milk is Casein, one can begin to realise the problem.

Casein is a most tenacious glue. 87% of milk is water. Four of the remaining 13% is casein.

The furniture in your home is held together by this tenacious glue. So too is the label affixed to your beer bottle ( ever tried to remove that?!)

If you eat Casein, you will produce histamines, then mucous. Would we have as much congestion and mucous and Asthma resulting from histamines produced to combat this allergenic protein?

It is no friend to people suffering with Eczema or Asthma!

We see great results with people’s Eczema when people stop eating all dairy products and use our Natural soaps and Anousta Products “Calm Down” cream.


I was treated for fibromayalgia for 17 years. I was placed on antibiotics in 2013 after contracting an infection whilst gardening. The antiboitics appeared to trigger at attack of Rheumatoid Arthritis in my right wrist and then my left wrist. It is now very painful in my right foot and I have lumps over the back of my hands as well as in my foot. The lumps became very sensitive. ULTRA sentive, night clothes felt like sandpaper against my skin. I tried the Calm Down cream and found it GREATLY soothed my pain and sensitivity and reduced the pain. I am so relieved. Thank you.

Rosemary Brookes. – Dorset.


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