Our Story

How it started

Back in 1999, founder, Linda Anousta, turned to the world of plants and herbs, creating hand-crafted creams and lotions in desperation, to try to create a product that would help her daughter, Emma.

Emma was suffering with a serious infection called staphylococcus aureus which was making her eczema infected and pouring green pus.

GP-prescribed medication was not helping, and in fact, it just caused a different set of issues.

Having trained as a registered nursing sister and having worked alongside a London Harley Street consultant dermatologist, Linda saw time and time again that many treatments fell short of their promises. She realised there simply must be a better and more holistic way to help her daughter.


For many centuries, wise women used plants and herbs to treat all sorts of ailments. Whilst that knowledge has been eroded by money-grabbing pharmaceutical companies, the plants and herbs still work, and people are beginning to turn back to natural remedies because they are so effective. 

Linda went on to gather extensive knowledge and qualifications in aromatherapy, beauty therapy, and the production of beauty products to allow her to handcraft her own completely natural products. She was so amazed at the results that she decided to start a business which allowed her to help other people struggling with difficult and debilitating skin infections and conditions such as eczema and various types of acne.

Where we are now

Over 30 years later, Love Anousta offers a large range of natural products at affordable prices for the outside of the body, skin, hair, and teeth, as well as supporting the inside of the body with infection killing Colloidal Silver, probiotics and quality vitamins. The award-winning range have brought healing and happiness to many loyal customers who tell us our products have changed their lives.

Linda continues to be completely ‘hands-on’ and offers a free 30-minute consultation and sympathetic ear to anyone who needs advice on which products would suit them best.


Each product is made and packaged by hand from 100% natural ingredients. They are sent to you in beautiful packaging, with swift delivery times. Accessible for everyone, they are offered at affordable prices.

As the journey continues, Love Anousta continues to enjoy helping customers and it’s always rewarding to hear their delight as their skin and health improve.

Helping people heal and soothe their skin and bodies, spreading the word about the wonder of plants and expanding on our plant and flower knowledge and healing properties is what Love Anousta is all about.


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