Turning to Nature

Natural skincare and lifestyle is all the rage… yet it used to be all there ever was!

In centuries past we know from written records that still exist that women took natural plant-based products and organically grown seeds and oil and made them into vitamin-rich, skincare and hair care products which were naturally high in anti-oxidants and naturally healing. With this intention, they provided themselves with clean, clear and healthy skin, perfect teeth and gums, and glossy, healthy beautiful hair. Naturally sourced skincare for ALL the family! They did not put chemical rich toothpastes into their mouths, oil stripping chemicals on their hair, and skin clogging mineral oil on to their skin!

These naturally occurring, locally obtained products provided excellent skincare and the healing knowledge of plants and oils were handed down, usually mother to daughter for generations. The desire to use the best, most prized, most pure natural oils, herbs and seeds were paramount. The results were obvious. Clear, soft, plump, vibrant skin and healthy shiny hair without a man-made chemical in sight.


Everything was organic… naturally.

Man had not invented the host of chemicals, complete with all their side effects, and nothing toxic had been sprayed on the land, on crops or fields, polluting rivers as they went. Over the last 100 years or so, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and so-called Beauty companies propaganda has expanded and impregnated their ideas into men and women’s lives via all forms of media… Television, Radio, Magazines, Internet and Newspapers. 


People are confused and misled about what is really useful or even needed by our bodies and what is unnecessary.

It is our belief that expensive chemically manufactured rubbish is passed off as age-defying, wrinkle-reducing wonder products. Over 100,000 tons of chemicals are produced every year and added to the natural beauty/skincare products.

Most of these chemicals are absorbed through the skin. More people buy commercially produced skincare products now than ever before and yet one sees and hears of more skin problems, spots, reactions and allergies than ever before. Returning to tried and tested ancient recipes, using natural ingredients and benefiting from the vitamins and antioxidants that lie within the raw product in its natural state is the key.

Simply avoid petro-chemical based perfumes and “paraben” preservatives.

Using vegetarian, (normally vegan) ingredients and applying modern techniques all combine to make a beautiful top quality product and simply packaged that does what it is supposed to do. Look at companies recycling policies and consider those companies that mass produce in plastic tubes by the millions and how these will end up in “landfill”, endangering our beautiful planet.

We are proud of our products and always delighted to hear about the wonderful results they bring for the people who use them.

Try some and enjoy the healthy long term benefits of using safe skincare!


Lulled by the soft sell and the hidden persuader, the average citizen is seldom aware of the deadly materials with which he is surrounding himself

Rachel Carson,
Silent Spring 1962


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