Both LOVE ANOUSTA toothpastes are free from SLS, Fluoride and Triclosan.

Although it may take a day or two to get used to LOVE ANOUSTA MOUTH FRIENDLY TOOTHPASTE not foaming in your mouth, it is soon clear that it is a lot more pleasant. Inside your mouth it will start to feel more comfortable and softer/smoother.

There isn’t any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (shampoo to you and me!) in LOVE ANOUSTA toothpaste. SLS/SLES is a base ingredient used in most shampoo and now added to many commercial toothpastes.

This is what makes the commercial toothpaste foam in your mouth and force you to spit out at frequent intervals!.

There isn’t any “dreaded” Triclosan or industrial fluoride in LOVE ANOUSTA toothpaste. We believe that we are getting far too much fluoride in our bodies every day from many other sources.

We need approximately 1gm daily and some of us may be taking in as much as 12-17gm into our bodies per day!

Peppermint without Salt

Most commonly used and the most popular. This is a good cleaning toothpaste with a subtle taste yet refreshing taste of natural Peppermint – an Essential Oil that has not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. The paste is soft and refreshing to use.

Peppermint with Salt

Different in composition to the above LOVE ANOUSTA toothpaste as it has a slightly more abrasive paste with a little sea salt imported from il de Re in France. This naturally harvested sea salt contains over 90 minerals and is very different from table salt.

Fresh, sea salt is excellent for mouths suffering from ulcers or for bleeding and receding gums. Dramatic effects have been witnessed in just a short amount of time by people who have heavily stained teeth caused by nicotine, caffeine, red wine etc.


In addition to the LOVE ANOUSTA toothpaste, brush your teeth once a week with Nature’s Sunshine Silver Gel which will kill any bacteria in the mouth that you just might have missed.

Those pesky bacteria get everywhere.


Toothpaste Ingredients;

-Calcium Carbonate
-Vegetable Glycerin

Peppermint without salt includes Peppermint Essential oil.

Peppermint with salt includes Peppermint Essential Oil and natural Sea salt.

Once a year the toothpastes come on offer!  Last on offer september 2021.





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