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Ben in Salisbury

That grapefruit handwash is incredible. Before placing contact lenses in my eyes each morning, I would wash my hands and my eyes would sting like mad after placing the contact lenses in situ. Now I use the grapefruit handwash and I NEVER get that problem. No more watering eyes. Relief! Great Product.

25th October 2020

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Erika – North of England

After ruling out other conditions I was diagnosed with IBS about 7 months ago. Over the years as the IBS got worse, it really affected my life to the point that I was not sure whether I could risk going on holiday. 

I kept a food diary, read as much about suggested remedies as possible, and decided that probiotics sounded good as a natural way to restore gut health. Having been helped by Linda in the past I turned to her for advice. Linda rung me back and spent 30 mins on the phone suggesting which probiotics to take. 

The probiotics have made such a difference, I have actually got ‘normal’ days now. There is the odd flare-up, mainly caused by stress or too much of certain fruits, on the whole the result is better than I had hoped for. A big thank you to Linda, I would certainly recommend trying probiotics if you suffer from IBS

25th October 2020

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Rosemary from Dorset

Just wanted to say a big thank you for once again having all the Anousta goodies online.  As soon as I got my new supply of handcream I realised how much I had missed it, there is no handcream like it – wonderful.

I’m also enjoying the moisturiser sample you sent and shall be getting that one in future.  The handcream has made a big difference to the skin on my feet too.  I had been using a cream but your hand cream is extra special. 

25th October 2020

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Dee in Wiltshire

You asked me to let you know how we got on with the Silver Colloidal and Gel so I am glad to tell you that my 2 year old lung crackle has disappeared ( my doctor said he couldn’t hear it but I could and it worried me).  Also thrush has disappeared after no success with Savlon.  And Nigel’s chesty cough has at last gone. The amazing Silver shield  gel now goes with us everywhere with a supply of cottonbuds.

25th October 2020

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Heidi in Austrailia

I was excitedly awaiting my Anousta products and the day they came I gave a little yelp of happiness.  I have been using Linda’s wonderful products for many years, once announcing to her that I would never fly without her Orange, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang moisturiser again, and I haven’t.  As I live in Australia, I have tried to find a substitute (with not as many air miles), a company that has the same ethos and quality as Love Anousta, but I am still looking.  So while she is still making them, I will still be buying them.

25th October 2020

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Julie from Hampshire

I have been meaning to e-mail you  with some very flattering news!

I saw a friend at Xmas whom I hadn’t seen for a few months and she said how well I looked. She also commented on my skin and how good it looked.

Bearing in mind that she is a fellow Beauty Therapist – I was very flattered. She then went on to say that she was even wondering if I had had a face-lift!!!

My answer to her – indeed no to the face-lift – I use Love Anousta skincare!!!

25th October 2020

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Michelle Bartlett Founder & Director – Live Laugh Love Ladies Club Limited

As a 50 year old lady, using clean good organic products on my face for many years, I was really shocked to see my face change over a very short time in January this year. It was quite sudden with acne mostly around the mouth and up across my nose. It became too much after changing my skincare and trying special creams so I asked my good friend Linda Anousta if she had any ideas. Her immediate reaction was to suggest it was probably connected to ‘gut health’ and as I trust her judgement I started using a mix of probiotics after she invited me to listen to a talk in June. It is a 3 month course of 3 different types to really clean up the gut, of course I was not sure if it would work but trusted her theory. After just 3 weeks of taking them I am clear of all spots, feel more energetic and feel like that was the answer. I cannot recommend them enough but without Linda knowledge I would have continued with changing skin care and not looking deep inside. Thank you

Michelle Bartlett Probiotics 5th July 2017

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Lin Gillett Poole

I went for a routine  check up and the dentist asked me what have i been doing differently.
My gums were bleeding and sore and red. They are now nice and healthy and pink! the plaque has gone down from 54% to 5% between April and October 2016

Lin Gillett Poole

Lin Gillett Toothpaste 19th May 2017

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Irene – Dorset

Hi Linda,

I came into the shop last Saturday and bought some ‘one week flat’ probiotics after you recommended them for bloating.
I began to notice an improvement after about 3 or 4 days and at the end of the course I’m pleased to say I don’t feel bloated any more, such a relief!
I’d be very happy to recommend them to others with the same problem and will keep a packet in reserve in case I need them again in the future.

Thanks for your help and advice, much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Irene Probiotics 19th May 2017

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Ash Dorset

A few people have mentioned about the products I use now so I thought I’d recommend the place and lady herself.If you are fed up of the rubbish that they put in our toiletries these days make a change. I did a year ago and it’s amazing. The help and advice on hand from Linda is unbeatable you won’t regret it. Ash

Ash Anousta products 3rd March 2017

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Sonnaz of Poole

This week I have fought off getting ill for the first time in about 4 years.Silver Shield Sol, vitamins and minerals  that you advised me on have all played their part.My hair has really grown back thicker and filled out, nourished with coconut butter
and this morning I feel really quite awake.My mental attitute has changed……..and all becuase of YOU!Thank you   :-)xxxxxx Sonnaz

Sonnaz Silver 3rd March 2017

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Pam Reynolds

I used to use commercial lipsalves and didn’t appreciate it was making my lips drier and drier. I was recommended to try the ANOUSTA lipsalve and it did everything it promised.

Pam Reynolds Lipsalves 22nd February 2017

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I was on pain killers, amitriptyline,  codeine, naproxen because of pain all over my body due to my fibromyalgia. I started taking BLACK SEED oil around March 2016 and within 2 months I was off all the above medications and just taking neurofen. Now I sleep like a log. In November I joined a gym, I do yoga once a week, Pilates twice a week and 3 aqua aerobic classes. It’s unbelievable. I feel I have my life back. I don’t feel depressed anymore. On a busy day I will take it twice, morning and evening.

Paula Black Seed oil 14th February 2017

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Thanks for the shampoo and hand cream. I had forgotten how brilliant the hand cream is! (I have been using creams given as presents “__ the last by Cath Kidson smelt lovely but about 15 minutes after putting on you felt like you needed more!) One application of yours in the morning and its good all day “__ brilliant! Will keep with yours from now on.

Janet Shampoo Handcream 12th February 2017

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Ali from Dorset

I have been using Silver Shield Gel on my face for a while now as it seems to be a wonder product for controlling my rosacea but recently I have discovered several other “talents” from this product.

It is wonderful on chafing (in my case caused by during cycling long distances) and also at a festival recently made the most fabulous, unscented and amazingly effective underarm deodorant.

I wasn’t sure how to leave a review so I thought perhaps you could use this on your website if it is any help?

Thank you for your lovely products

Ali Silver 11th February 2017

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Lesley from Wimborne

I had wheezing and crackling chest since April 2016. Within days of oil pulling with coconut oil Linda Anousta instructed and showed me how to do, the wheezing and crackling has gone! Quite amazing!!

Lesley Coconut oil 16th November 2016

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Alan, Poole, Dorset

This toothpaste with salt has changed my world… and my mouth for the better! My bad breath has gone. My mouth ulcers have gone. My mouth is much more comfortable.

I find the Blotting brush (once i learnt how to use it) so very good. I shall not use another toothpaste or toothbrush now.

Alan Toothpaste 6th November 2016

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A. Corbett, Dorset

I used to suffer from oral thrush and frequent gum infections. Not a single tingle since switching to your Peppermint without Salt toothpaste, and my teeth feel wonderfully clean.

A.Corbett Toothpaste 2nd November 2016

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Stuart, Manchester

Hello to all at ANOUSTA

May i just say thank you for this amazing product called BLACKSEED OIL.
I am a 39 year old male who has been taking Blackseed oil for around 12 months or so.
the difference within myself is 100%.
My skin is so much smoother than ever before. I also suffer with Eczema.
I also had a pain in my toe for 2 years which could have been arthritis. I started taking Blackseed oil and its no longer giving me problems.

Stuart Black Seed oil 2nd November 2016

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G. Saunders – Bournemouth

We have an elderly dog who was generally ‘slipping away’ and was piddling on the carpet a lot! The black seed oil said it was suited to an elderly owner, so I thought I would let the dog try it! The dog accepted it easily on her food. We noticed she was more lively and didn’t wee on the carpet anymore. She’s eating well and now good for her 15 years of age.

G Saunders Black Seed oil 29th August 2016

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Stuart – Wimborne

Hi Linda,
I came in with my mum the other morning and mentioned my Psoriasis on the scalp. You sold me some of your shampoo and the Organic coconut oil/butter.
I  used the coconut oil that very night and by the morning I did notice a slight change in the formation of the scalp. After having used it for just 3 days I cannot believe how this product works better than anything purposely made to control this condition.
Just for extra peace of mind too, teaming up the ANOUSTA unscented shampoo AND the coconut oil together has been brilliant. I am extremely happy and thanks
for your help

Stuart Shampoo 24th August 2016

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Emma Brannigan

Hi, I just wanted to say a massive Thank you for recommending the Handcream for my elbows. After 7 days it has cleared up! Something I thought was not possible after trying every medicated cream! You have made me feel so much more comfortable.

Emma Brannigan HandCream 19th August 2016

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I have suffered many years with sinusitis…not any more! Thanks to taking Zambroza daily I don’t get a cold therefore I don’t get sinusitis. I highly recommend it.

Sue Zambroza 12th August 2016

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Dear Linda Anousta,

“Unfortunately” my husband has discovered your shampoo (which I have been using for years) one day when he ran out of his baby shampoo which he had been using for years.
That’s it now, he only uses my shampoo, i.e. YOURS.
His hair looks amazing. It is shining, thick. I can thoroughly recommend it.
Thank you Linda.

Joceleyne Shampoo 1st August 2016

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Sarah, Poole

I thought I would let you know that I particularly love the combination of the Rose Toner Spray and Unscented face moisturiser…. it always soothes my sensitive skin and helps clear breakouts.
Also when I use it at night it results in my skin being less oily when I wake up.
Thanks for making these lovely products

Sarah Face Cleanser -Rose otto toner 1st August 2016

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Glynis, Dorset

The Anousta Handcream was the first product I bought from the shop, it is amazing and works so much better than other hand creams and even foot creams, softening and repairing skin.

I wouldn’t be without it! I’ve even used it on my face when I had very dry patches!

Glynis Handcream – face – feet 12th July 2016

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Lindsay Bettell Dorset.

It’s the only foot cream/hand cream that stops my heels opening and bleeding.
I have tried body shop butters, and all the other chemist recommended products and they don’t work.

Lindsay Hands – Feet 12th June 2016

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I suffered really bad chapped lips about five years ago and the I tried your lip salves. They are amazing by the evening my lips were back to feeling normal again. My children love it too. Brilliant.!

Gemma Lipsalves 19th March 2016

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Sue from Wimborne

Just to let you know how happy I am with your face cleanser, moisturiser, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. I cannot go anywhere without the lipsalve which, although used everyday, has only disappeared slightly down the tube. I use the handcream regularly on my feet as well as hands and they are soft and lovely now. The body lotion that I bought today will be a lovely addition to my routine. Before I came to you I suffered from an itchy face and my skin generally felt very dry. You have transformed all that with your natural products. I have also not felt the need to put on perfume very regularly as it masks the natural scent which I actually prefer. I will be back for more but in the meantime, please consider making a hair wax and spray as that will be the icing on the cake!! See you soon

Sue Feet -Handcream – lipsalves 5th March 2016

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Irene – Hampshire

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been using the Silver Gel for the rosacea on my face and I’m delighted to say it really is improving! Thank you very much for recommending it. I also love your shampoo. It makes my hair feel thicker and is improving its condition.

Thanks again,

Irene Silver 19th January 2016

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Ivy, Kuala Lumpur

My daughter has very serious eczema on her neck, elbows, and knees area. She suffered this for many years and we had to depend on expensive steroid cream and oral tablets, which did not help much as the itch did not go away. As a mother, seeing her scratching her body day and night distressed me. I am glad those days are over now. A family friend recommended Blessed Seed Oil™ to us, I am grateful he did. The improvements were visible after the first few days of taking orally & external application, which is too good to be true. Her rashes, broken skin and inflammation lessened. After 5 weeks, her skin is no longer troubled by the itch. When the scratching stopped, the healing process accelerated. I am glad we found a solution for her.

Ivy Black Seed oil 11th November 2015

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Since I started using your toothpaste I never look back to ordinary toothpaste again. I use the version with salt, it tastes so lovely. My teeth feel and look clean and I think whiter too! Keep up the good work…thank you.

Kwanhatai Toothpaste 13th August 2015

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Andrew – Derby

Congratulations on your wonderful products. My skin/hair has improved dramatically since switching to the Anousta range of products. The persistent skin condition affecting my hands and feet has cleared without trace “ truly amazing “ it had plagued me for 11 years. Your products are a delight to use and very, very economical!

Andrew Hands – Feet 2nd April 2015

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Melina, Kensington

I had Psoriasis for 6 years, I am more open to natural supplements now because if I find anything that works for me in whatever way I desire, it’s something to consider for life. Blessed Seed Oil™ is an effective way to treat Psoriasis without the use of prescription drugs, I have used steroid cream for years, and as anyone who suffers the same skin disease knows, it is not good in the long term. I have stopped scratching like a monkey (may be funny to some, but not to those in the same shoes as I am), my ugly scars have lightened & it’s barely seen (as a woman, I was very self-conscious & wished that the hideous scars could fade away). My skin glows! Something I thought could never happen.

Melina Black Seed oil 21st February 2015

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Caroline Swaine, Dorset

I had heard such great things about your shop and products, when I visited I was really impressed how friendly everyone was and extremely knowledgeable.  All you could smell was the products, I saw first hand how 1 of the products were being made, must say how impressed I was seeing the natural ingredients being used to make these handmade products.  I was given a few samples which was gratefully received and I’m very impressed with the quality and use of them.  I love the hand and heel cream – it truly works.

I have recommended to a few people they must visit and get in touch.  The help and support is invaluable. Well done Linda and her team

Caroline Swaine HandCream 22nd January 2015