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May 9, 2024

Normally I sleep very well indeed. No problems. Deep refreshing sleep.

In 2000, I was burgled. It was a DEEP shock. Police said the thugs would likely return when I had replaced items that had been stolen. Marvellous!
I lived in a state of nervous apprehension. It affected my sleep and after 3 years I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia bought about by sleep deprivation and I was in deep pain and inflammation in all my muscles and tendons.
I hurt all over and sleep eluded me. I was introduced to Blackseed oil and things improved rapidly.
A lot!
Proper sleep returned quickly and the all over body ache eased up considerably.
I rub the oil into my muscles too. It has analgesic properties and helps achy knees and backs!!
Read up on it on my website as it has thousands of years of history and is proven to be a truly amazing oil to apply and ingest for humans and animals.

In May 2022 I began to have real issues sleeping again and was so confused as to why.
For 19 months I could barely sleep at my partners property. I would either go to sleep for approx. 2 hours and then be WIDE awake for the rest of the night or not sleep AT ALL. I tried everything I knew, blackseed oil, magnesium, alcohol, NO alcohol, TV off, Wi-Fi disconnected… even underfloor heating off, eating at different times and a host of other things.

My partner had bought some new touch sensitive LED bedside lights for his home but I thought nothing of it. These are the kind you conveniently reach out… tap the light to come on at a low level and tap again for a brighter light and tap once more to turn off.
I started to notice articles about EMF and its effects on us and health. I knew very little about it to be honest.

In desperation, I bought something called a Tri field meter to measure the invisible emf readings in the property.

The readings by the Wi-Fi were predictably off the scale but when the bedside lights were tested whether switched ON or OFF at the light itself, the EMF reading was again fantastically high. It appeared this EMF was affecting my ability to sleep and stay asleep. THIS IS WHY I LAY AWAKE ALL NIGHT …. WIRED!!!!
The meter has 2 readings you look at and should not be above 0.1 and the other should not be above 1. (You need to read up how to read the Tri field meter to understand this)

Suffice to say, readings of 11,16 even 18 etc were coming in and although you cannot see this damaging EMF it really is damaging your sleep and life. I had cold after cold, chest infections due to vastly lowered immune system due to lack of sleep and I felt awful for 19 months whenever I did try to stay at my partner’s house. However, if the lights were switched off at the wall socket so no electricity was coming into the light, all was well.

Once we pulled the plugs for these LED lights out of the wall a few months ago, I have slept like a baby ever since. It’s like magic. I started catching up on sleep and beginning to feel human again quite quickly!
I would truly urge you to share this with anyone you know who is not well, lowered immune system, despite what supplements they are taking, or can’t sleep …. This just may be the answer to their prayers.

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The Blackseed Oil

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This is a Tri field meter


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