Unscented Moisturiser



A very popular moisturiser from Love Anousta and still lovingly hand made, 25 years on by Linda Anousta herself.

Natural unscented moisturiser

A light non-greasy natural unscented moisturiser. Simple and effective without any Essential Oils for skin that demands or prefers unscented neutral care.

With the increase in awareness of our body needs, more of us are recognising that we may have some mild response to Essential Oils that can be found in many beauty products.

Unscented moisuriser offers you the complete skincare support offered by our other products, plumping and softening and without scent and without compromise.

Apply at night after cleansing the face with Love Anousta Wash off Cleanser .

Apply in the morning after washing the face with one of the delightful soaps or if required,

after using the Wash off Cleanser again.

This cream can be used easily night and day as it allows the skin to breathe and de toxify which is one of the main functions of the skin.

About our Moisturisers

LOVE ANOUSTA PRODUCTS have a brilliant range of MOISTURISERS. However it is so important to use a toxic free quality FACE CLEANSER to really clean the skin deep down and to acheive that glowing healthy skin that most of us want.

Consider the LOVE ANOUSTA high quality FACE CLEANSER as the first stage of getting the skin you really deserve.

You do NOT have to put up with dry, blotchy, spotty or even really greasy skin!!!!

We would always recommend you use both products….Face Cleanser and Moisturiser…. together and there is just no point using a quality LOVE ANOUSTA Moisturiser whilst using a drying, poor quality commercial cleanser that will dry or irritate your skin.

If you skin is playing up at the moment, please choose the unscented cleanser and unscented moisturiser first


 Last on offer August 2022 AND NOVEMBER 2022, SEPTEMBER 2023

Moisturiser Ingredients;

– Aqua (triple filtered water)
– Prunus Amygdalus (cold pressed sweet Almond oil)
-Vegetable Glycerine
-Sodium Stearoly Lactylate (emulsifier)
-Carthamus Tinctorius (organicSafflower/Thistle oil)
-Glyceryl Stearate (emulsifier)
-Cetyl Alcohole (Coconut derived emollient)
-Tocopherolacetate (Vitamin E)
-Phenoxyethanol (preservative)
-Ethylhexylglycerin (preservative)
-Nigella sativa (Black seed Oil)
-Butyrospermum Parkii (organic Shea Butter)
-Lactic Acid (ph balancer)

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