Lipsalves…. Simply the best!!


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Brilliantly simple and caring, softening and moistening. Hand made “lip food” for sore, dry or cracked lips.

Petro chemical free

Lipsalves that nourish the lips and soothe the skin, leaving soft, kissable lips.

Organic Cocoa Butter Lipsalves in the following variations:

  1. Essential Oils of Mandarin.
  2. Essential Oils of Lemon.
  3. Essential Oils of Tea Tree.
  4. Essential Oils of Caramel.
  5. Unscented.

Get soft lips once again, quickly and easily!

Kiss goodbye to dry and chapped lips. Don’t be a Lipsalve “junkie”

Made from Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter and a little Beeswax, these Lipsalves will protect lips from the harmful effects of the environment. Suitable for all ages, both men, women and children.

Free from Mineral Oils, Petro chemicals, Perfumes and Artifical Scents… these Lipsalves restore the lips to their natural self-oiling state in no time at all.

Why do lips get drier when you use some lip salves?

Most Lip salves in the shops are made with Petrolatum/Liquid Paraffin or soft Paraffin and this makes skin dry. If you take a look at some of the Lipsalve ingredients they reads usually something like the following:

Petrolatum, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidium Lanolin, and another 2-3 lines of ingredients followed by a long list of “Parbens” preservatives to follow.

30% of the population are allergic to Lanolin anyhow!

There can be up to 4 lines or more of ingredients in one small lip salve!

Compare that with LOVE ANOUSTA LIPSALVE. 3 or 4 ingredients only…………………………..Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter and Beeswax. Then maybe an essential oil such as Lemon, or Mandarin, or Ti Tree is added….. four Ingredients in total. No preservatives required. Only 22 lip salves are made and hand poured at a time in each batch keeping batches small and fresh.

Many people find that they have one in the car, one in their jacket or handbag, one by the bed and maybe one in the kitchen and although they apply the lip salve many times a day……… they still have dry, cracked lips!

It might be good for business as you keep going back and buying cheaper Lipsalves/Petroleum Jelly and you think you have a bargain buy your lips will be no better, and possibly worse!

Use an LOVE ANOUSTA lip salve and feel the difference straight away!!!!!

The Cocoa Butter, Cold Pressed Almond Oil, and small amount of Beeswax instantly feed the skin, softening and soothing and within a day or 2 you hardly need your lip salve hardly at all.

Your LOVE ANOUSTA lip salve lasts ages and does what it is supposed to do, protect your lips and keep them from cracking. You can use them under lipstick too! You have the pleasure of tasting the essential oils of either Mandarin, Lemon, or Ti tree as these gently flavour the lip salve and taste natural.

What a difference!!!!!

The unscented LOVE ANOUSTA lipsalve is best on very sore and cracked lips to start with and as the soreness fades, you can try a scented one if desired. Ti Tree is best to use on cold sores. Wipe the lipsalve on the lips, avoiding the cold sore. Finally apply to the cold sore itself and not the surrounding lip area, and then wipe the tip of the lipsalve clean and it is ready to use the next time.

Try one of these LOVE ANOUSTA Lipsalves

and feel the difference!!




” YOUR LIPSALVES………… I cannot rave about them enough – I recently spent around £12 on lip balm from Antipodes, with very high hopes, but it just doesn’t work anywhere near as well as yours do.

Best wishes and thanks again,



The lipsalves are brilliant, I am allergic to lanolin and found the LOVE ANOUSTA lipsalves. They are just  fantastic.
Rachel~ Straford upon Avon;


“I will be accessing you web site anyway because I want to order another lipsalve. I liked the first one but hadn’t realised JUST how good it was until it finished and I reverted to my original brand. In just a few days I realised that my lips felt dry frequently during the day and that this hadn’t happened at all whilst using your product.” – Sally – Hants”


“Hi Thank you for this and the lipsalves which are absolutely divine. My lips were splitting this morning. I put Anousta lip salve on and the skin stopped breaking with instant relief upon application. Now even when the salve is wiped off the skin is nourished…all in the space of a few hours. I’m very impressed with it – Louise .”


“As soon as I started to use your Tea Tree lipsalve the situation began to improve. i now only apply the salve about two or three times a day after I clean my teeth. Although the lipsalve is more expensive than proprietary brands, I spend far less money and my lips feel so much better.Many thanks as ever for a brilliant product.“. – Kay in Salisbury ”


“Hi Linda, Many thanks for sending out my order so promptly. I was very impressed! I have been using the “Blotting Brush” for a while now , and am finding it really effective. The Lip Salve is lovely. Just as you said,I have noticed the difference in twenty four hours. Your website is very good really informative and interesting. I don’t know what I would do without your wonderful products. – Wendy Allard”