Michelle Bartlett Founder & Director – Live Laugh Love Ladies Club Limited

As a 50 year old lady, using clean good organic products on my face for many years, I was really shocked to see my face change over a very short time in January this year. It was quite sudden with acne mostly around the mouth and up across my nose. It became too much after changing my skincare and trying special creams so I asked my good friend Linda Anousta if she had any ideas. Her immediate reaction was to suggest it was probably connected to ‘gut health’ and as I trust her judgement I started using a mix of probiotics after she invited me to listen to a talk in June. It is a 3 month course of 3 different types to really clean up the gut, of course I was not sure if it would work but trusted her theory. After just 3 weeks of taking them I am clear of all spots, feel more energetic and feel like that was the answer. I cannot recommend them enough but without Linda knowledge I would have continued with changing skin care and not looking deep inside. Thank you