Lavender and Rose Geranium Moisturiser Travel size 18gm


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Our Travel size mosturiser is Rich in Almond Oil, Thistle Oil and protective NATURAL Vitamin E, this incredibly light and readily absorbed cream is the most popular moisturiser made Anousta Products.

The gentle scent of French Lavender and Rose Geranium is subtly infused into the luxurious whipped-cream texture of this moisturiser, leaving a calming and delicious aroma. A truly effective face cream.

Apply at night after cleansing the face with Anousta Wash off Cleanser.

Apply in the morning after washing the face with one of our Natural soaps or if required, after using the Wash off Cleanser again.

This cream can be used easily night and day as it allows the skin to breathe and de toxify which is one of the main functions of the skin.