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Blotting Brush

Fantastic and effective toothbrushes. This is not new technology… the blotting brush was invented in the 1970s in the USA by Dr Phillips.

It really is the most effective toothbrush when used properly.

Read below for more information on this amazing  toothbrush.

    1. You can clean your teeth without using any toothpaste and just use the Blotting Brush .  That is absolutely fine to do so.
    2. However , most people like to a paste on their tooth brush with a nice taste as it encourages one to clean the teeth for longer!
    3.  So take your chosen ANOUSTA toothpaste ( choice of 3 different sorts) and “tap or blot” the teeth as opposed to brushing them horizontally or vertically as we were shown by our parents and adults around us when we were young.
    4. Spend two-three minutes doing this.  Your teeth deserve this! Each fibre of the toothbrush is in fact hollow and it draws out deep seated plaque from the teeth.
    5. Rinse the mouth as normal. You do not need mouth washes… they are a waste of money in most cases.
    6. Good teeth will only stay in good condition if they are held firmly by the gums, otherwise they’ll be in a glass by your bed. To stimulate the gums and beat receding gums then use the ANOUSTA toothpaste brush down the gums onto the teeth with the brush. This brings more blood flow and oxygen to the gums and you will notice that they get more pink and healthy looking as the days go by. Your gums will stimulated and  alive after the blotting technique and the gums will be much healthier than if you use a normal toothbrush ans toothpaste

Do this procedure twice a day.

Check out this video below.

From 4.45 minutes  in to the video and you will see it demonstrated as to how to use the brush correctly.

You can ignore the bit where the patient “sucks on the brush and swallows” as we are unsure what this achieves and no one does that but the technique and how to use the brush correctly is very important and it really works.

FINAL TIP: Once a week hold a small amount of Natures Sunshine  SILVER SHIELD  LIQUID Product in your mouth mixed with a little water and swill around the mouth  for 6 minutes to kill any bacteria that you might just have missed and AVOID those expensive trips to the Dentist. After 6 minutes just swallow the silver shield Liquid and water. Perfectly safe to do so and it will kill so many bugs along its route in to your stomach!

Now plan what you are going to do with the money that you have saved by not visiting the Dentist

Just to show you how effective these brushes can be, here is some genuine and encouraging feedback from users:

“I just wanted to tell you that I cancelled 2 appointments with the dentist, and made an appointment with the hygienist.”

“She said my gums were fine! Yippee………….I did try to tell her why, but it fell on deaf ears. I asked her about the gums above the bridge, as I had asked your advice, and the dentist said that I should have a new bridge. But the hygienist said the gums were fine.”

“My gums have certainly improved, and they have returned to their proper place. Upper gums moving  moving down towards the teeth and holding theem more firmly and the lower gums are slowly creeping up not getting lower and lower on the teeth”

“I have no bleeding and the only sensitive parts are in the middle of the bottom teeth at the back (not near the gums), so I am trying charcoal to try and re-mineralise them.”

“I am quite sure that had I kept my appointment with the dentist, without realising that I could, in fact, do something, she would have suggested taking the next tooth out, because originally it was quite painful. Now it is strong and no pain. And a new bridge! Imagine the expense, never mind the awful feeling after extraction, which lasted for weeks.”

“So thank you very much for all your help and advice. I am absolutely delighted!” M R in  Spain

“Thanks for all your information- it is so helpful- I am really amazed at the brushes- I thought at first they look like those little things you get free in hotel bathrooms! but my teeth feel very clean and better somehow after using them for such a short time- your info is giving me hope that my gums can get lots better.”

“THANK YOU so much, have been blotting since I got the brushes, and have all the family on it………my teeth and gums are so much better even in the short time I have been doing it… my gums are re-growing, light pink and very healthy looking, I am over the moon. “

“Thanks for your email, and useful info, the brushes have arrived and I have used them for just over a week the bleeding has just about stopped so that is great also my teeth are so mis-shapen the small brush is very useful. ” June D.

“I am very pleased to tell you the results after 6 months using the blotting brushes. Since 2008, when I went to the dentist he either had to give me some antibiotics because of gingivitis or to remove the tartar that accumulated quickly on the teeth. In 2012, I have used the blotting brushes for 5 months and went to the dentist again. For the first time in five years, the dentist had absolutely nothing to do ; we were both very happy about my new mouth hygiene and the dentist wanted to know more about the blotting.
Personally, I have a feeling of cleanliness after blotting(similar to the feeling after a tartar removal). The gums are much healthier than before. The only risk is to injure the gum in brushing too hard, so thanks a lot for reminder to blot as gently as possible.” P-P B. France

“I went to the Dentist today to see the Hygienist prior to my 6 monthly Dentist checkup. I explained about the Blotting Brushes to her (and later to the Dentist) – I do have an issue under a bridge with deep pockets and an upper molar with similar deep pockets, which I’m hoping the brushes will help. Of course, deep pockets encourage bacteria and infection and I will have to use with interdent brushes to lay in Corsodyl to help that as the brushes might not be able to penetrate deeply enough but you might have some ideas about this…
Both the Hygienist and the Dentist were shocked that there was no ‘Plaque’ – I then explained the brushes and I must confess that I felt good after their conclusions.” Michael Dixon

“I have received my brushes & LOVE them!! My teeth are cleaner than they have ever been & they seem to stay clean throughout the day.”

“I am so happy I discovered your work to continue Dr Phillips’ work as it seems to be the answer to my gum issue. Already I am noticing a healthy change. Instead of having lots of bleeding gums and calculus, I am the opposite. Each dental check-up reveals none of that. The only problem is receding gums such that my dentist keeps warning me I am destined for expensive grafting work. Now with the blotting, my gums are healing!!! I even saw some bleeding at first where they are most recessed, but the gums are returning. My dentist will be amazed.”


 Personal note from Linda Anousta:

I was introduced to these Blotting brushes around 2002 and I am so grateful I was shown them and taught how to use them. They have  saved me so much pain and expense. My entire 40’s seemed to spent at the dentist having dental pain and problems, extractions and bridges. It was uetter misery and so expensive. These toothbrushes, used correctly are a gift from heaven and well worth using. I swear by them and will only use them.

To read more about the theory behind the blotting toothbrush – click here >>




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