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Tired? Struggling to sleep? Waking up in the middle of the night and cant get back to sleep or lying there for ages trying to get off to sleep!

Annoying isnt it?

Stop all caffeine by4 pm ( it takes 6 hours to leave your body properly), drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day,  avoid cheese late at night and take blackseed oil and you may well find you begin to drift off faster and stop waking up in the middle of the night!!! Responses to taking Blackseed oil vary but uusally people notice by week 4-6 that insomnia is much improved or gone, sleep is deeper and more relaxing and peple wake refreshed!

1 bottle lasts 3 weeks. 5ml at night followed by a glass of water!

As for all the health benefits Black seed/ Black cumin offer……………….well how long have you got!?



This video above was made in Feb 2019 and the packaging has now changed.

100ml  or 3 weeks worth. it works out approx 49p per dose. Cheapest good health and deep sleep medicine going!

You don’t buy this for the taste but for its amazing results – check it out!

It strengthens your immune system and a by-product is better deeper sleep.


How to take

Have a glass of water ready; pour Black seed oil on to 5ml teaspoon and then swallow following immediately with a good mouthful of water. The bitter taste is gone in a second and it should not cause any issue. The taste is bitter which we should have included in our diet but rarely do nowadays.

The bitter taste is gone very quickly and some customers tell us that it is a taste they grow to enjoy!

It is an incredible gift from nature and its powerful effects help to heal your body……. remarkable stuff!

Great for a natural sleep aid and deepens your sleep into Delta Wave (dreaming) sleep, it may work immediately or after a week or two – we’re all different.


  • No late night sugary drinks (your body needs to shut down)
  • Try to get to bed by 11 pm regularly
  • Drink loads of water (but not at bedtime) and de-stress your body. It needs proper hydration
  • Don’t eat after 8 pm


You can also use Blackseed oil on your skin. It makes a wonderful rich face oil to use at night and the oil can be applied to dry skin anywhere. HOWEVER, we do urge people to be sensible and apply a small amount on to their arm or leg to test how they are with this oil. If everything is fine and their skin is soft and no pinkness at all, then apply a small amount on your face. Just a SMALL area. If this is ok, then you are absolutely fine with it.

In 15 years + of using this oil, I have only ever met 2 people who did not get on with it using it on their skin/face. Everyone else has been absolutely fine with it. I apply it to my face 2-3 times a week and put it over my neck and face, it is a joy to use and my skin loves it. Like everything in life, someone somewhere does not get on with something so just test a bit on your skin to be sure first. Simples! Try it!

Black Seed Oil is totally natural and has over 3000 thousand years of documented history. Considered so valuable it was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun!


Due to natural components of Blackseed oil called Nigellon, Blackseed oil (Nigell Sativa) is brilliant with Asthma. It actually increases the size of the air tubes in your lungs (bronchioles) and reduces the difficulty in breathing making Asthma much more manageable and less of a problem. Black seeds are added to the food of racing horses in Egypt if they show signs of Asthma and this gets them back running and winning races much more quickly.


Eases pain significantly in the joints due to Arthritis and injury strains such as old skiing injuries or trauma. Lots of good feedback on this.

Black seed oil, Also known as Mercy seed oil and Black Cumin has been used for centuries to build up our immune systems and keep us more able to defend ourselves against coughs, colds and Flu.

Black seed oil does so much more than can be described in a few short sentences. With so much history of its use and testimonials, it would fill volumes!

Watch the video above and ask us anything you may need to know about the remarkable natural seed called Blackseed or Black Cumin.

It is antiparasitic and superb at dealing with Allergies,  superb in greatly reducing Asthma and other lung conditions, and has also been used for centuries in skincare and helping provide gorgeous full-bodied shiny hair.

I was introuced to it by a muslim friend of mine after I told her how tired I was. I had been a victim of burgulary and found I could not sleep properly after that event for the following 5 years. As a result I developed fibromyalgia and was sleep starved. I took this  product myself and noticed my sleep was back on track within days. It really is a remarkable product but do some research for yourslef to see some of the documented history on this natural and powerful seed.


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