20 ppm Colloidal Silver


This 20ppm Colloidal Silver is made from 20ppm seven stage filtered pure water and 99.99% pure silver. A crystal clear, high quality solution which is 95% ionic and 5% colloidal with a pH of 9.0. The ion size is the smallest available at 0.00023 microns which are held in suspension and spun throughout the process to ensure an even and stable pure solution. All batches are tested and stored with care.



Keep in handbag. Spray shopping trolley handles, your hands or areas you wish to easily and quickly disinfect….


Silver…. what is it?

Colloidal silver  may be defined as a suspension of ultra fine silver particles in a colloidal base.

It can all get quite technical and scientific but most people want to know what can silver ( ionic/ collodial or nanao particle size)  do for them!

Silver has been used medicinally as far back  as 4000 BC

Eastern Persian records specifically mention the practice of placing water in Silver vessels, the ancient Babylonians and Greek civilisations also recorded silver’s antibiotics properties Silver was used during the first world war to prevent infections. Big Pharma did not invest in safe and easy to use Silver in any format as they made very little omney from it compared with using antibiotics they made which they could sell between  2,000-4,000% profit.

With ther overuse of  antiobiotics ( 50% of all antibiotics are given to cattle  everyday), we have become sicker as a species and fall prey to infections we used to throw off a lot more easily. Silver hads a great many uses and Linda Anousta is always happy to  answer any questions you may have to establish if silver helps your particular issue/ problem. Call using the number on the home page or email via the contact page.

Silver in a liquid format is taken internally.. 1x  5ml ( teaspoon) in a little water. Take this THREE TIMES A DAY evenily spaced throught the day. Just swill around the mouth and swallow and get on with the rest of your day.

It is tasteless, quick and simple. The silver will then start to work its magic and start attacking unwanted bacteria and viruses with ease and efficency. Coughs and colds are nipped in the bud when taken early enough. Flu can be avoided. Chest infections dramatically improved and you can stay out of hospital. that has to be a good thing. Silver can come in sprays so here you would spray surfaces to clean them, shopping handle trolleys, door handles and steering wheels if you felt inclined.  Sprays can be sprayed on to cuts and scratches and the wound will heal much faster. Silver is amazing on Sunburn (just spray or better still use the silver GEL) and is remarkable on burns caused by hot water or flash fire. It is used in the big London hospitals on  fire victims. It has multiple purposes and is essential to keep some in the household at all times.



Premium quality colloidal silver at its best.  We have the smallest ionic particle size at 0.00023 microns.  Product quality assured.  20 parts of silver to 1 million parts of water.  Will last 12 months after opening.



Pharmaceutical Grade Water (Aqua) , 99.99% Pure Silver (Argentum Metallicum)

The Love Anousta Rose Toner mentioned in the video no longer has Colloidal silver in it as EU regs will not allow us to use it as a natural preservative.

The Love Anousta deodorant has been discontinued since this video was made but you will still find 2 varieties of deodorant with colloidal silver in it on the Love Anousta  website.


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